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Our biodiesel is distilled. Distilling biodiesel is an extra polishing step where we boil the undistilled biodiesel and remove any potential solids/impurities that can clog fuel filters. 


Biodiesel is playing a key role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.  Life cycle analysis completed by Argonne National Laboratory found that biodiesel use reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 74% compared with petroleum diesel.  Biodiesel also improves fuel lubricity and raises the cetane number of the fuel. The higher the number, the better the fuel burns within the engine of a vehicle .


Our 40 million gallon per year waste to biodiesel plant is the newest (2018) and one of the largest plants in North America.  Based in Memphis, Tennessee, we have access to all the major railroads and the Mississippi river.

We are BQ-9000 certified. 


Our clean product and advanced facility make us a preferred supplier of biodiesel to some of the largest travel center operators in US. 

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